Mug Collection: Part 3

Hi everyone and welcome to part 3 of my Mug Collection series. It's been couple of weeks since my last post about my mug collection, so I thought it about time for part 3. Like I've mentioned before these mug are in no particular order. I'm actually just about done talking about the mugs displayed on my wall, and will be moving onto the mugs inside my cabinets, I hope you enjoy!
The first mug I will be talking about is my Disney Theme Parks Chip Mug. I got this mug couple of years ago at Disneyland. I remember seeing a post on Instagram of this Chip Mug and I thought it was the cutest thing ever. I wasn't sure at the moment where I could buy it, however during one of my random trip to Disneyland, I found it and I knew it had to buy it. The next mug is my Hallmark Alice In Wonderland Quote Mug. I got this mug about 5 years ago when my friend was working at Hallmark and sent me a picture of the mug. She knew how much I loved Alice in Wonderland and figured I would want it. Next thing you know, when I went into the store she had already purchased it for me. I still love this mug so much to this day. 
Next I have one of my newest mugs, The Deathly Hallows Mug. I got this mug during my last trip to Universal Studios. It was one of the first things I had seen at Universal that I knew I wanted. By the end of the day and many purchases later I had almost forgotten about buying it, since the only store I had seen it was at the Ollivanders Wand Shop. Luckily, Ricky reminded me about the mug and we quickly walked back to buy it before we left. I love using this mug in the morning. The next mug in my collection is my Disney Theme Parks Alice in Wonderland Queen of Hearts Dress Mug. This mug might look familiar because it is part of the same collection as the princess mugs I have shown in my previous post.
The next mug in my collection is my Disney Theme Parks Castle Mug. I thought this mug was beyond beautiful. It was like love at first sight. This mug was a little bit on the pricey side, normally the mugs I've purchased at Disneyland have been between $12-$18. This particular mug was $26. Good thing I get that Annual Passholder discount. Next, I have my Large Cheshire Cat Mug. Everyone in my family knows how much I love Alice in Wonderland and especially the Cheshire Cat. So for Christmas one year my family gave me this Cheshire Cat mug. I think this was one of my first Cheshire Cat mugs. I was really excited when I got this mug and to this day I love using it. Especially when I eat cereal since it's really big. 
The last two mugs I have for you all for this part 3 of my Mug Collection series is my Imperial Stormtrooper Star Wars Mug and my Minnie Cappuccino Mint Mug. Both of these mugs are from the Disney Store. The Imperial Stormtrooper Star Wars Mug I bought during the same time as I bought the R2-D2 one I talked about during my last post. I love the size of these large mugs especially when I want a little extra hot chocolate. Lastly, the Minnie Cappuccino mug was a gift from my brother, he knew how much I love the color mint and thought this would be the perfect addition to my collection. I have yet to make a cappuccino and drink it from this mug but I think it is the perfect mug for a cappuccino. 

Well that's all for part 3 of my Mug Collection, I hope you enjoyed it and see you next time.


What's your opinion?

  1. I love that Alice in Wonderland quote mug so much! I love this series of yours I might have to start one like this.

    1. You should, I really like these collection series. I have so many more collections to show too, not only mugs.

  2. Someone took my mug that said - It would so nice if something made sense for a change - where do you think I can get one.

    1. Oh I have no clue, I have not seen that mug anywhere. Good luck!