Disneyland Haul

Like I mentioned in my previous post I recently came back from my trip to Disneyland and came back with a few goodies. So I decided to do a little haul to show you all the goodies, since a few you can actually win at the park. Now let's get into a few of the things I purchased. Hope you enjoy!

The first two things I purchased was this Figaro in a pumpkin plush and this Mickey Shape Pumpkin Candle Burner. I was so thrilled when I saw they had a few Halloween items at the park. Even though we are in August. I've been eyeing this particular candle burner for two years. However, I always ended up buying something else but this time I made sure I got it. As for the Figaro Plush, this was the first time I had ever seen this Figaro in a pumpkin plush and I thought it was the cutest thing ever. I really wanted to buy it but I knew I had other stuff to purchase. So I decided not to buy it this time but later on Ricky bought it for me, since he knew how much I wanted it and he also thought it was really cute. 
Next, while renewing Ricky's old Annual Pass. The kind cast member helping him out gave Ricky this set of Exclusive Annual Passholder Buttons. I was so surprised and happy when he got them. I took them right away from him. I knew the designer so I was appreciating all the beauty in the buttons. The cast member must of seen how happy I was, even thought they weren't mine. Well anyways, the cast member then reached over and gave me my own pack. I was so grateful and I thanked the cast member for the sweet gesture. 
Next, I got a few plushies that both Ricky and my brother won for me. Both the Cast Member Mickey Mouse and Timothy Q. Mouse were won at Dumbo Bucket Brigade. The game is a classic midway race game where guests use water cannons to propel clowns to the top of their ladders. I was so happy when I got Timothy. In a previous trip I had won Dumbo and left wanting Timothy. Now I am happy to have them next to each other. The two sea creatures Ricky wont at Goofy About Fishin'. In this game everyone's a winner. Every catch comes with a prize. Plastic fishes are swimming down the stream, when you are ready for a catch you drop a magnetic "hook" into the water and pull out a colorful toy fish. The color on the bottom of the fish will determine your prize. Unfortunately, Ricky didn't win a large prize but I thought the whale and turtle were so cute.
Lastly from Disneyland, I got what are possibly my favorite things I have ever bought from Disneyland. I'm not much into jewelry. I hardly wear any besides my Rose Quartz ring that I always wear. I have been wanting a Disney Pandora Bracelet for a while now, but I was always a bit shy whenever I went into the shop since nothing is priced. I wasn't sure exactly what kind of damage I was going to put myself in if I just started grabbing charms. I just knew they were kind of pricey. However, this time after two days of contemplating whether or not I should buy one, Ricky convinced me to finally buy one. I ended up buying the Disney Park Castle Pandora Bracelet, along with an Alice Bottle Charm. I really love the Alice charm especially because it says Drink Me. I also got two lock charms, a Mickey Mouse ''Mickey Pavé'' Charm and a Minnie Mouse ''Minnie Pavé'' Charm. The last thing I got was this beautiful Double Mickey Shape Ring. Ricky surprised me with this ring. He had seen me looking at it the day before and must of noticed that I wanted it. So the next day he surprised with the ring. ♥♥♥ 
During our trip down to Disneyland we also stopped by at Universal Studios. It was a quick visit to check out the new Walking Dead attraction. I wasn't there to shop like I normally am at Disneyland. However, I did pick up this really cool Deathly Hallows pin. I have been looking for a pin like this for a while and luckily I found it right as we were leaving Universal Studios. 

It's been a while since I've done a haul so I hope you enjoyed this haul from my mini-vacation. 


  1. You got the bracelet. I love the charm you picked, I haven't bought any of the alice charms.

    1. I did and I love it! I love that it's mint too.

  2. I want the turtle. It's dope. Haha.

  3. Everything is so cute! Also, I realized I picked up a few of the same things you did.


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