What's in my Bag?

Today I have for you all a What's in my bag? I've been meaning to do this post for a while, however I haven't had any chance to take pictures but I finally got the time to take some pictures of my bag and of myself. Well lets get into it and see what's in my bag?
I am currently carrying my Ted Baker Alexxa Purse. Ricky bought me this purse earlier this year. I had fallen in love with Ted Baker purses since I went to New York. Ever since I got this bag I've been using it everyday. This has become one of my favorite purses of all time. I love the simplicity of the bag, it's black, it has gold hardware, it's very spacious and it's everything I could ever want in a bag.

I feel like ever since I got this purse I've also minimized what I carry. The items you see above have been the items I've been carrying in my purse. Like in my previous What's in my Bag? I still carry my keys, I have the same Alice in Wonderland lanyard, however I've changed my hand sanitizer holder to this cute flamingo holder. I got this holder at Bath and Body Works as a set of two and I gave the other one to my wonderful friend Juliana. Another thing I still carry is my pink flash drive, you never know when you need to save a file. The next item in my purse is a lotion, I am currently carrying my sample size of the Lush Charity Pot. I am in love with this lotion, for the most part I use this pretty frequently when I'm at work, since I'm constantly washing my hands and I don't like them to get dry. Usually if my phone is not physically on me then it's inside my purse. I currently have the Rose Gold iPhone 6s, which I love! Another item I always carry inside my purse is a watch. I don't always wear it but I tend to put it on whenever I feel I need an accessory or I feel like being extra fancy. 
The wallet I am currently carrying is my Kate Spade Black Scallop wallet. I had originally seen this wallet online and I thought it was cute but it looked small. However, my friend Juliana had already purchased it and one day while hanging out with her I saw it in person. I was very surprised it was bigger than I thought. So I quickly purchased it because I was in need of a new wallet to match with my purse. I've been obsessed with this wallet I always get compliments whenever I'm paying.
During my last What's in my Purse? I talked about how much I loved my Ray-Ban Club Masters. However, Ricky recently got me these YSL Bold 2 Sunglasses and they've really grow on me. I wasn't in love with them when I first got them but as I been wearing them I've started loving them even more. Plus they sort of remind me of wayfarer but fancier. I know I'll be wearing these much more.

Lastly, I have the makeup products I carry inside my bag. I mainly carry lipsticks because for the most part that's the only thing I ever touch up. Currently I am carrying my favorite Kat Von D Everlasting Lipstick in the color Lolita. I tend to wear this on a normal basis. The next lipstick I carry is Wicked by Lime Crime. I love this color during the fall season since its a dark color but I recently applied it and remembered how much I love this color so now I've been carrying it with me. The next two lipsticks are both red and they are Russian Red by MAC and Cruella by NARS. Having red lipsticks is an essential in life and these two are my favorite, especially since they are matte. Girls  are always asking me what color I am wearing whenever I wear the Russian Red. It's such a beautiful red. It's been my favorite for years, and I mean years. The last lip product I have is a MAC lip pencil and it is in the color Boldly Bare. I've talked about this lip pencil in one of my monthly favorites. It's such a nice nude color, I love wearing this color whenever I want a small pop of color on my lips or whenever I go very natural with my makeup. 

Well I hope you enjoy this post. Another thing I forgot to mention that I always tend to carry in my bag but somehow it wasn't inside my bag was, a compact mirror and my Rimmel London Stay Matte Powder along with a kabuki brush. You gotta keep that face looking matte on these hot days! And also my camera.

Well that's all for now, I hope you enjoyed this What's in my Bag?


  1. I love your bag and I was still eyeing the peach one online😁 I've been meaning to do a updated one of these but always forget haha.

    1. The peach one is so cute! Girl me too, I've been wanting to do this post for a while and I finally got around to do it!


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