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Recently Ricky and I went on an adventure to San Francisco. We use to go to San Francisco every weekend back when we lived with our parents but ever since we moved to San Jose we don't go as often. However couple weeks back we were going to San Francisco for the The 33rd Annual Fillmore Jazz Festival and since I have been wanting to go to Mr. Holmes Bakehouse, we decided to make a detour and stop by for some sweets before we went to the festival.
Mr. Holmes Bakehouse is a bakery located in Lower Nob Hill. They're known for their delicious pastries, donuts & their infamous cruffin. In case you've never heard of a cruffin, is it a hybrid between a croissant & muffin. Their line gets extremely long even before they open, just to get a cruffin and they tend to sell out. Ricky and I were planning on getting to San Francisco early to get a cruffin, however, unfortunately we arrived late and they were all sold out of cruffins but they did have a lot more goodies to choose from.
Even though we didn't get to buy a cruffin they did have some if their delicious filled donuts. They constantly update their flavors via Instagram so if you ever want to know what flavors they will be having on a particular day you should check out their IG.
 During our visit to Mr. Holmes Bakehouse, the donut flavor of the day was Mango Ginger. At first it sounded very strange, I love mango but with ginger I don't know. However, Ricky and I decided to get one each and give it a try. Let's just say it exceeded our expectations. It was so delicious, Ricky ate his right away. After we ate ours I wanted to go back in line to grab a pastry but like I mentioned before they tend to sell out. When I looked back at their display they were all sold out of pastries and only had a few donuts left. I would of bought another donut but I really wanted to try one of their cookies. oh well next time!
We are so glad we finally got to visit this cute little bakery. I had seen so many pictures on IG and people were talking so highly about it for such a long time. It was so worth the wait, next time we go we will remember to get there extra early to get our hands on a cruffin.

Also, they had this awesome neon light sign that read "I got baked in San Francisco" It is the perfect spot to grab a cute picture, like I did.


  1. Those donuts look so good and I have been craving donuts the last couple of days.

    1. They were so amazing! I keep seeing all of their new donuts on IG I wanna go back.


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