Story Time: Cops, Coffee & Donald Trump

I'm always finding myself in some strange situations and for a while I've been wanting to start a Story Time Series on my blog. I thought today was the perfect day to start, since today's story is very interesting.

It all started like a normal day, I woke up, worked out and made lunch. Usually around noon I meet up with Ricky to have lunch near his job. I noticed the streets around his job were bit busier than usual. That's when I remembered today was going to be the Donald Trump Rally at the San Jose Convention Center. I've included a map below to help understand the story. 
On the map above you see the word US in blue, normally we walk down the blue pathway to our favorite coffee shop, Voltaire's Coffee House. However, this time there was a cop and a metal fence blocking the street we turn on, shown above with the letter A in red. We weren't sure if they were letting certain people go through or if the shops were closed on that side. So I decided to kindly ask the cops "Are the shops open?" and he responded with a "yes." Then I asked, "Are we able to go through here since we were just heading to the coffee shop around the corner?" and he quickly responded rudely "Unless you have a certified cop badge you are not able to go this way." Obviously we aren't cops so he didn't have to say that. So I asked, "So how can I get there?" So this time he gave me instructions to walk up and go around San Carlos St, shown above as the yellow line

The weather today was ridiculous, it was hot enough walking already our normal pathway and getting denied. So making another walk was going to be even worse but at this point we really wanted our iced coffee so we decided to go for the walk. We walked around and got to the place where it says friendly cop above on the map. We noticed there was another metal fence blocking not the whole street but just the sidewalk and the side of the coffee shop. So I asked the friendly cop who was inside his SUV, "How can I get there?" He tells me, "You have to walk around and go through the other street." At that point I almost blew up, it was hot and now this cop was telling me to go back the way I went originally and got denied. So I explained to him how I already went that way and a cop on that side told me to walk this way and now its contradicting your orders. He was quick to apologize and told me and Ricky to just walk back a few steps where bunch of cops were standing; shown above with the red words cops cops cops, and walk through the cops. So we did, and as we were getting closer to the large crowd of cops I asked the cop again are we good and he gave me the A-OK hand signal, so Ricky and I proceeded happily. 

As we passed the metal fences and the cops, we hear a loud voice "HEY YOU GUYS COME BACK!" So we stopped and turned around and we see a cop stomping towards us, "WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING? WHERE ARE YOU GOING? I responded with, "We are just walking towards that coffee shop right there, that cop told us we can walk through here since we got denied to go through the other side." He angry responds with , "UNLESS YOU HAVE A TRUMP RALLY TICKET NO ONE CAN GO THIS WAY!" So I responded with, "So how am I suppose to get there? I just came from the way you guys told me and a cop told me to come this way and now I'm getting the ok from a cop to go this way and now you are yelling at me for doing what I am told." So he responds once again with, " NO ONE CAN GO THIS WAY UNLESS YOU HAVE A TICKET, NOW GO AROUND!" I was so fed up with this cop and I walked away without saying anything back. The friendly cop was seeing me getting frustrated, so I walk towards him to inform him about their miscommunication between the force. As I walk up to his car I tell him, "This is ridiculous is it really this hard to just get a cup of coffee, he just denied going the way you told me to go and now he's telling me to walk back the way I came from." He was quick again to apologize and suggested we walk on the opposite side of the sidewalk and just squeeze between the fences. Then that's when I gave him the are you fucken kidding me face, I responded with "Did you not see how he yelled at me, next thing you know if he sees us squeezing between the fences he might arrest us for trespassing or shoot us." That's when he knew I was right, and he tells a fellow cop who was standing outside his car, "That's your lead right there, tell him to let them go through." The second cop responds with "You know he won't." So I tell both cops, "You know what this is stupid we are simply trying to get a cup of coffee before we go back to work and I am here getting yelled at." Once again the friendly cop apologizes and tells me, "You guys are just getting coffee to-go right? If so just get in the car I'll take you guys there."

So we hopped in his cop car  and seriously this is how close we were to the shop that all he had to do was make a U-Turn were he was stopped and drove no more than 20 foot steps and we were there. He was kind enough and said, "Take your time, theres no rush." Once we got our iced coffees we hopped back in his car and he asked me, "You said you guys work just around the corner right?" and I responded with "yes, we do." So he ended up giving us a ride back to Ricky's job. As we drove there he once again apologized and mentioned that many of the cops were just being grumpy and that it was a long hot day. All the cops were working 16 hour shifts for Donald Trump's Rally, and that these specific cops in that area were the cops that were going to patrol the protest. I explained to him that it all makes sense, it's just an inconvenience when you are told to go one way and then another and on top getting yelled for simply following orders.

So as we arrived to our final destination, I Thank the friendly cop for being so helpful and understanding. He responds with, "You are welcome, that's what we are here for; to serve and protect."

I hope you enjoyed this Story Time!


  1. Wow that was all so unnecessary. Some cops are ridiculous! I would have probably started crying from being so angry.


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