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Welcome to another She & Him Adventures. Today we will be talking about Paper Planes, one of our favorite bars located in the heart of downtown San Jose. Paper plane's mission is to bring out creative cocktails and food in a relaxed lively atmosphere. The concept of Paper Planes is very simple and its design is very detail and well executed, from its decor to its menu. Many of their signature drinks draw inspiration from old school and new school eras of cocktail culture. At Paper Plane they strive to preserve the craft of a well made drink through thoughtful preparation. They have truly come up with a well thought–out bar that many people come and enjoy.
Ricky and I really enjoy coming to Paper Planes, they have a very chill environment especially with the dim lights. Occasionally we come here to get a beer or a cocktail. Their cocktails are very thoughtfully constructed. They have drinks that are so creative that I've personally never seen before. Along with their creatively constructed cocktails, Paper Planes has amazing food crafted by Chef Andrew. He has put together an incredible menu of small plates and the perfect bar bites to go with your cocktail. 

The main reason we are talking about Paper Planes today is because we finally got to try a Paper Plane's Weekly Special. We have been meaning to go and try one but we haven't had the chance. Finally, this past week I was determined to go with Ricky since I was very impressed with the incredible creation they came up with that week. 
First we decided to grab a beer from their amazingly designed bar while we waited for our food. We both got their Chocolate Hazelnut Porter by the Heretic Brewing Company. This beer is what I call a dessert in a glass. It is a rich, robust porter bursting with chocolate and hazelnut flavors. We love the aroma, it has a strong scent of chocolate, nuts, coffee, and cocoa. The flavor is great! It has a delicious chocolate and hazelnut flavor with a slight caramel taste toward the end. I personally like how the chocolate flavor feels in my mouth, instead of that overwhelming beer taste you get when you drink a regular beer. 
Finally two beers laters we got our food. Now we present you Paper Plane's Weekly Special, a Duck Confit with Summer Succotash, Luxardo Cherry Relish, French Carrots, with a Luxardo-port reduction. 

When I saw that they were going to have Duck Confit on the menu I immediately told Ricky we needed to go! We have never tried duck before and it was definitely on our list of food to try. I figured this was the perfect time to try it. We were both amazed at the presentation when it arrived and if the food tasted as good as it looked then this was going to be beyond amazing, and it was!
The duck was cooked/baked to perfection! The meat was so soft, flavorful, and juicy. We always thought duck meat was going to be dry, since in the past many people told us it was dry. However, this duck was nowhere near dry it was so moist and delicious. The Summer Succotash consisted of a variety of well seasoned veggies like corn, peas, bell peppers, and more. On top of the duck were two French Carrots. The French Carrots were so cute and gave the dish a very rustic feel. Lastly, it had the Luxardo Cherry Relish and the Luxardo-port reduction. I was really looking forward to trying the relish and the reduction because I've tried Luxardo Maraschino Cherries in the past, however only in cocktails. The cherries are so delicious and sweet I could only imagine it was going to elevate the dish. Once we took a bite of everything we both looked at each other and were like WOW! The cherries truly complimented and elevated the dish, to a whole different level. We loved the sweetness the cherries gave to the duck. Everything by itself tasted delicious but everything together tasted amazing! This dish was so well thought-out and crafted, we left wishing this was on their menu daily. 

Overall, this dish was beyond this world. Probably one of our most favorite dish we have ever had and we've gone to some very prestige restaurants but this Duck Confit was truly deliciously created. Compliments to the chef! 

That's all for now until next time!


  1. Oh the foods looks so yummy! You always find the neatest places to eat.

    1. Thank you! I am always looking out for new places/new food to try. It's my guilty pleasure.


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