Mug Collection: Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of my Mug Collection series. I finally made time to take more pictures of my mugs. Like I mentioned before these mug are in no particular order. I'm kind of just grabbing them from the wall, so they are not in order of when I purchased them or anything. As a matter of fact today I'll be talking about one of the mugs I have recently purchased. 
The first mug I have here is a R2-D2 Star Wars Comic Book Mug from the Disney Store. I got this mug shortly before the newest Star Wars movie came out. I believe they had about 4-5 different designs. I ended up buying two different designs and this was one of them. The next mug I have here is a Disgust Mug from the Inside Out: Disney Store Mug Collection. I bought this Disgust mug and a Sadness mug before Inside Out was released, thinking those were going to be my two favorite characters. However, after watching the movie I wished I had picked up a Bing-Bong mug instead of Disgust, but I still really love the design and shape to this mug. 
Next, I have this Cheshire Cat Mug and Spoon Set. This mug was recently purchased during my trip to Disneyland. I really love this set because of the tail shaped spoon. It's very handy because I always keep the spoon inside the mug. So its always ready for those days when I need to make myself a quick tea or coffee. Talking about coffee the next mug I have here is my Starbucks "You Are Here" Disneyland Mug. I had been eyeing this mug for a while when it first came out. It took me couple trips to finally decide to buy it but eventually I did. Starbucks' designers did such a simple but yet cute design of Disneyland. 
The next mugs I have here are my Disney Aladdin Broadway Musical Mug and an Alice in Wonderland Pot Mug. I got the Aladdin mug from the actual Aladdin Broadway Musical gift stand in New York City. Even though it's a pretty basic mug, this is one of my favorite mugs of all time. Not only did I get this in New York but Ricky surprised me with taking me to watch this live show. I was such a happy camper, I wish I could go back and relive that night. Next I have this Alice mug, I purchased this mug at Disneyland when I started to noticed that Disneyland was starting to carry a lot more Alice related merchandise. I was super stoked and was buying anything and everything Alice. I thought this was a really cute mug it reminded of the old school psychedelic Alice in Wonderland poster, do you know which one I'm talking about? If not click here.

Lastly for today I have these two mugs. The first one is this stunning Disney Cruella Designer Mug. I was in love with this mug when I had seen it. They had a lot of good designs to choose from but I got Cruella because she has always been one of my favorite fashionistas. I loved the concept of this mug. For some reason I have always pictured a beautiful Cruella like the one on this mug. Lastly I have here a creepy Haunted Mansion 45th Anniversary Souvenir Disney Mug. I'm a huge Haunted Mansion fan, so when I saw this mug I went crazy! This is such a wicked mug and on the inside its painted purple to resemble the wallpaper inside the mansion. 

Well that's all for this part 2 of my Mug Collection, I hope you enjoyed it.



  1. I'm obsessed with all your mugs! I love the shape of the Disgust one.

    1. Awww thanks! Right, that's why I got it, I wasn't even sure if I would like her as a character.


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