May Favorites

The world's favorite season is the spring and all things seem possible in May. With the beautiful weather May has brought, it surely brought out some of my favorite things. The month of May came and went and you know what that means? Its time for my monthly favorites!

Once again for my May favorites I have more facial products. What can I say I been obsessed with keeping my skin healthy and glowing. I also have one or two random items, so lets get into them.

The first product I'll be taking about it is the Kyoku Lava Masque (for men). Yes, I know this product is aimed towards men however I read online that many women have use it and its totally fine. Ricky was actually the one that got me into trying this out. He uses many products that Kyoku makes and he was always telling me that he loves how this masque make his skin feel. So I finally decided to give in an try it. This Kyoku's Lava Masque helps stop the deep set inflammation that leads to breakouts & acne in skin through the power of Japanese volcanic mud, volcanic ash, Tahitian black sand and 73 essential sea minerals. An essential for suffering from breakouts, acne, and wanting completely clear skin. I've use this masque twice a week this whole past month. I don't go crazy and apply this masque all over my face, I only use it on my nose area. After I apply it and wash it off, it leaves my skin feeling so smooth and glowing. My pores have definitely shrunk to a size that I am not longer bothered by. I think I been using this masque a lot then ricky, I might need to buy another one soon. 

The next item on my monthly favorites is the Mary Kay Timewise 3 in-1 cleanser. I know in my past monthly favorite I had a bottle that looked very similar however, that was the Mary Kay age-fighting moisturizer. This time we are talking about the cleanser. This cleanser washes away excess oil with a lathering cleanse that leaves skin feeling thoroughly cleansed and balanced. It cleanses, exfoliates and freshens in one step. Plus, it's also gentle enough to use twice a day for soft, smooth and refreshed skin. I have been using this every night before I go to bed or before I start my masks and it really does help remove unnecessary oils and leaves my skin feeling smooth. What I love the most is that you can use a pea sized drop and it will be enough to wash your whole face and more. I love this face wash. 

Next, I have the Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips. These strips unclogs pores & achieves the deepest clean. I been using these for a while now and I have not talked about them. For a while I was very self-conscious about my blackheads on my nose but these strips have helped me so much in the process of eliminating some of my worst blackheads. I also recently learned about the Biore Charcoal Pore Strips which I am looking forward to trying out, since I recently tried some charcoal pore strips and loved them. 
The next product I have is the Too Faced Sweetheart Blush in the color Sparkling Bellini. I have tried many of Too Faced products before and I have never been disappointed. My friend Juliana,  had highly talked to me about their Sweetheart Blushes and since the Sparkling Bellini was the newest color I decided to buy it. So far this blush has been my go-to. I am in love with the color it is the perfect shade of pink and peach. It is absolutely stunning on the cheeks. The colors are so perfect for spring and summer and it is extremely pigmented and the packaging is to die for. I am really looking forwards to using this to the rest of spring and summer.
Lastly, I have this awesome Kylo Ren inspired pin called Cry-lo Ren. A friend of mine designed this pin and is selling it through her website click here. It is such a cute pin I've been wearing it on my jacket since I got it and I have received many compliments. It's such a cool looking pin and check out her packaging, it's pretty dope. She's super talented and creative, the pin is only $10 in case anyone is interested. 

Well I hope you enjoyed my May Favorites, see you next time and have a Joyful June.


  1. You should really try the Clarisonic! I love mine and swear by it.

    1. I need to buy myself one, Ricky wanted to buy me one a while back I said no. Now I want it.


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