June Favorites

Half of the year has gone and now that June has come to an end, I have for you all my June Favorites!

I am very surprised that this month most of my items are not beauty related. I did get to try this month new beauty products but most of them I'm still trying out and getting the feel whether I love them or not. However, I am currently in love with everything I will be talking about today. So lets move on to my June Favorites.

The first item is my Martha Stewart 21-Piece Spice Rack. I've been wanting one of these for a while and I finally got it earlier this month and I couldn't be happier. I've always had a good amount of cooking spices in my cabinet but recently when trying out a new recipe, I've been having to run to the grocery store to buy specific spices. Ever since I got this I've noticed for the most part I have all the spices I need when I try a new recipe. I love cooking, so having this has become very useful. 

My next monthly favorite is another kitchen item and it is my Disney Pixar Oval Slow Cooker. I love this slow cooker so much. I've been using it a lot lately. I got this couple months ago, Ricky actually got it for me as a gift. This slow cooker is adorable. I love the Disney Pixar character faces. I especially love seeing them when I'm cooking and I always get so many compliments when my friends come over and they see it. It also has a very cute red rocket ship knob and the signature Pixar ball as the top lid. This is the perfect Disney item for any Disney lover. 

The next item is my one and only beauty product I have in this monthly favorites and it is the TonyMoly I'm Real Masks. I've been using these masks once a week for the past two months. I've really enjoyed using them. I think the packaging is so cool and I can feel a difference in my face. Every time I use it my whole face feels a lot softer and smoother. I definitely see a difference in my face but I'm not 100% sure if its because of these masks or from another item I use during my night time routine.

The next product is my Samsung Galaxy 2 Digital Camera. I've had this camera for a year and a half and this was probably the best thing I've purchased in a while. I always use to carry my huge DSLR camera and that can get heavy and tiring. Especially when you have a Canon Luxury Lens attach to it, a Speedlite Flash, and a Battery Grip; it was exhausting carrying that especially when traveling. I finally gave in and purchased a small point-n-shoot. I had other cameras in mind but my brother told me about this one and I couldn't be happier. I love how you can install apps, like Tumblr, Instagram, and VSCO. I've been doing a lot of editing on my photographs through my camera. It's like having a small computer inside your camera. This camera is everything!

Lastly for my monthly favorites I have my Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) Bold 2 Black / Smoke Sunglasses. Ricky recently lost a pair of my Ray-Ban sunglasses, so he decided to make it up and buy us new sunglasses and he got us these YSL sunglasses. Black for me and Tortoise for him. At first I wasn't too fond of them but the more I've been wearing them, the more I've been loving them. I normally like small wire framed sunglasses but these sunglasses have changed my mind. I will definitely be using these for the rest of summer. 

Well I hope you enjoyed my June Favorites, see you next time and I hope you enjoy the fireworks, the BBQs, and the freedom July brings. 


  1. I love your slow cooker it's so cute! I have been really into sheet masks a lot more recently they are so fun.


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