Germany Haul

Couple weeks ago Ricky went on a business trip to Germany and he came back with a few goodies for me, so I decided to do a mini haul. I was very surprised he brought me something, usually when he travels overseas for a business trip he doesn't have much time for shopping. However, this time he had a few days to wonder around Germany and he got me a few things he thought I would enjoy.
The first thing he got me were these two bags of Haribo Gummies. Ricky knows Haribo's are my favorite brand of gummies. I feel like other non-brand gummies all taste the same and are just dyed for color but Haribos actually all taste different and are made with juice. One of the bags he got me were the Haribo Crazy Phython. These are snake shaped gummies that are made of soft fruit and marshmallow. They came in a variety of funny flavors like Amazing Apple, Crazy Cola, Lucky Lemon, Peach Paradise, Royal Raspberry and Strawberry Splashy. The Peach Paradise and the Amazing Apple were by far my favorite flavors. 

The next bag he got me was the Haribo Fantasia. Soccer is undoubtedly the most popular sport in Germany. These Fantasia gummies are a fantastic and fun way to enjoy one of the biggest sporting event of the year. These gummies came in 25 different funny soccer related designs. They came in the colors green, blue, yellow, turquoise, red and purple. These all individually tasted different with similar fruit flavors like the Crazy Phython.
Next, he got me a glass mug with a metal emblem of the Reichsadler. The Reichsadler is a heraldic eagle, derived from the Roman eagle standard, used by the Holy Roman Emperors and in modern coats of arms of Germany. I loved how heavy and sturdy this mug is, if you keep this in the fridge; like I keep all of my glass cups, it stays very chill even after you take it out because of the metal emblem. 
Lastly, he got me an infamous German Beer Boot. I've always wanted one of these boots and while you could buy one online or at certain shops, I've always wanted to get one from Germany. Just like the glass mug above this boot also has the Reichsadler but this time its painted and its in color. I love how bright and detailed it is. It's so awesome. I was really happy I had couple beers in my fridge so I quickly pored one in my boot. The boot also came with note thats had a little saying/instruction that read:

This is the real thing. 
A great idea to enjoy beer.
An important feature is the spill over effect. 
This will eventually happen if the toe of the boot is pointing up.
On the other hand if the toe is pointing downwards, you won't be able to empty a boot easily.
Here is the secret of drinking from a beer boot: Point the toe sideways! 

In case you didn't know, Prosit means Toast in German. Well I hope you enjoyed this fun mini haul.


  1. Rudy has a boot cup too, not sure where from though. He used to always use it when we first started dating lol.

    1. Really how cool! I'm loving the boot mug even though Ricky is the one using it all the time now.


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