B&BW Semi-Annual Sale Haul

Two weeks ago started the Bath and Body Works Semi-Annual Sale. I love stocking up during their Semi-Annual Sale, especially when they have so many goodies I love. They also decided just in time to bring back their Flashback Fragrances like Cucumber Melon and Freesia. What I love the most about their sale is that most of their products are between 50-75% off. This is the time I love to stock up on Sugarcane Scrubs and Shower Gels. Those two are Ricky's and I most used products, so I love to stock up. On top of their sale, B&BW also had a spend $40 get $10 off coupon. My goal during this trip was to grab $40 worth of my favorite products, so let's see how I did.
The first product I got were these three Shower Gels. I got a Cucumber Melon,  Mango Mandarin, and Freesia Shower Gel. These three shower gels are from their Flashback Fragrances. I knew right away I had to get a Cucumber Melon shower gel. I can't explain how much I love this scent. It's so refreshing. During their last release of these Flashback Fragrances I only picked up a lotion of the Cucumber Melon fragrance and I regretted only getting one item but this time I made sure to get more than just one thing. The other two scents Mango Mandarin and Freesia both smelled really good and I figured I should try them out. 
I also got these two Gentle Foaming Hand Soaps, I really enjoy having these in my restroom. I am constantly changing these in my restroom because I am someone who loves smelling different fragrances. So I like to have a variety of these in stock and clearly I had to get a Cucumber Melon one.
Next, I got one of their Fine Fragrance Mist in the Cucumber Melon fragrance. I only got one because I am currently obsessed and stocked up with their Pretty in Peach fragrance but like I said I love this Cucumber Melon fragrance so I wanted to make sure to get more than just one item. It's very refreshing so I know I'll enjoy using this one during summer.
Next I got these two Hibiscus Guava Fresca Sugarcane Scrubs, like I mentioned before Ricky and I really love using B&BW's scrubs. I was hunting for these like crazy in all of the 75% off boxes. I had found a few of them but most of them were already unsealed and it seemed like some of the products was missing, so I decided to get these two unopened bottles. Let me just say this scrub smells amazing! I am so happy I was able to buy these at the discounted price. I was eyeing all the scrubs from this collection for a while, so I was very excited when I saw they had it on sale.
I also got this Pumpkin Pecan Waffle Candle. Look at this beautiful jar! I originally wanted to buy this candle when it came out in Fall but I thought $25 was a bit too steep for a candle. Especially when you are use to buying 2 for $22. However, they had this candle for 75% off! Yes, 75% off that means I got it for ruffly $6. This was the first I item I saw when I walked into B&BW and I knew I had to get it, even the employee was like it's such a steal! I can't wait to start burning this during Fall especially during Halloween. 
Lastly, I got more of these Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel. They didn't have much of these in stock so I kind of just grabbed whatever I could find that wasn't too sweet scented. I was in need of spending more dollars in order to use my $10 off coupon when you spend $40 or more. I ended up randomly getting five of these Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel. 

At check out, my total was around $43 and after using my $10 coupon it came down to $33 and luckily the week before a great client of mine gifted me a $20 gift card from B&BW (She knows how much I love B&BW). So I ended up paying only $13 for all of these items! Such a great deal! Am I right? I couldn't be any happier with all my purchases, this trip was a WIN!
Oh lastly, since I was working the next day I decided to stop by again and see if they had anything new. I was lucky enough to find two items I've been wanting to try. One was the Sweet Pea Luxury Bubble Bath. I've been wanting to try their Bubble Baths for a long time but ever since they changed the bottle I've been totally mistaking them for their Shower Gel, oops! The second item I found was another Sugarcane Scrub, this time in the Iced Pear Margarita. I got both of these products for 75% off. I didn't have any additional coupons or gift cards but getting them for 75% off was good enough for me to buy them.

Well I hope you enjoyed this B&BW Semi-Annual Sale Haul see you next time.


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