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One of the things Ricky and I enjoy the most together is trying out new places, whether it's a restaurant, a cafe, a bar, a shop, we love it. I'm always looking on the Yelp app and seeing what new places opened or if there any events going around town that might have food or drink to try out. Since lately we have been into tea shops, we decided to look for new places to try out, that's when we found Tea Lyfe.

Tea Lyfe specializes in fusion fruit drinks like lychee black tea, fruity sangria with organic apples, cold brewed mango rose tea, and their famous homemade Eastside Horchata. They use real ingredients, no flavored syrups or powders are used. It all sounded delicious so we decided to give it a try.

Tea Lyfe is located at the Vietnam Town in San Jose, Ca. The first thing we noticed walking inside the shop was the pretty wooden decor and how modern everything looked. I immediately loved the decorations. They have a variety of plants around and some of the furniture is reclaimed wood. The shop is really spacious and a great place to get some studying done if you need a nice and relaxing environment. The ambiance inside is beautiful and hipster-ish. It's definitely a cute little coffee/tea shop to visit. 
After reading the menu I decided to order the Strawberry Horchata and Ricky went with the Red Drink. The Strawberry Horchata is Tea Lyfe's family recipe that is made from scratch with chopped strawberries. I ordered my drink with Honey Boba since I had read a lot of reviews that said to order it with honey boba. I'm a sucker for packaging, I decided to upgrade the drink to their fancy glass bottles. The upgrade for the bottles was $3.00 on top of the cost of the drink, it's really worth it specially if you want to take a cute picture. I really enjoyed my drink, the horchata tasted authentic not too much cinnamon and not too milky, it was just perfect. Plus, having the strawberries and the honey boba added a great texture to the drink. Ricky isn't a fan of boba however he did have a sip of it and he really loved the taste of the horchata. 

Moving on to Ricky's drink, the Red Drink is a tangy, salty & a little spicy drink, kind of like a Mexican candy. The drink also has little chopped up pieces of mango and Tajin at the bottom. Now don't get us wrong we love Mexican Candy probably more than any other types of candy but this drink was a bit too much for both Ricky and I. We weren't sure what the main drink was made of but we think it was like strawberry, mango and lime. However, it didn't have a good balance to it and I think the Tajin made it worse and we love Tajin. We couldn't come up with a reason why we didn't like it but it was just too much of everything on it. We both ended up sharing my Horchata and I had a few more sips of the Red Drink, I was really trying to like it but it didn't happen. 
A long with our drinks we ordered a Cinnamon Sugar House Waffle. It is made from scratch with organic eggs and organic milk and sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. I only had one piece of the waffle because of my diet but I really liked it. It was so good and definitely had the taste of traditional vietnamese waffles. This was the first time Ricky was trying a vietnamese waffle so I was hesitant that he was going to like it since they do have a different taste to them. However, he ended up liking it so much that he finished it all. I also included below a close up picture so you can see how deliciously it's covered in Cinnamon Sugar, it almost reminds me of a churro. 
Overall we give Tea Lyfe two thumbs up. It was a really cute shop inside and out and even though we didn't like one of the drinks they have a lot more to chose from that sound even more delicious. We will definitely be coming back again to try out the Tropical Sangria and the Mango Rose. Hope you enjoyed today's She & Him Adventures.

That's all for now until next time.


  1. My grandma makes her Horchata like that!!! Damn I gotta go try it now! Hahaha you would buy the bottle! 😂

  2. This place is so cute I have to try it out.

    1. You have to, it's a really cute shop. Just don't have the red drink but the horchata was really good and some of their other drinks sound really good.

    2. I think Rudy would like that red drink it sounds like something he'd like. We still have to go to that other tea place you showed me!


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