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Welcome to another She & Him (this week is a little different) She & Bros Adventures. Since Ricky is in Germany for a business trip this week, I decided to go back to my hometown to visit my family. You can say I had a mini vacation since I was there from Monday through Thursday. Whenever I'm visiting my hometown, my two brothers love taking me out to eat. Most of our lunches consisted of trying new places that they felt I would enjoy, and out of all the places we visited Mod Pizza was one that stood out. 

Mod Pizza offers individual, artisan style pizzas, that are baked in a large pizza oven. Customers can build their own pizza or salad, which cost the same no matter how many toppings you choose. They also offers 10 classic pizzas, along with a seasonal pizza and a staff choice pizza. This was the first time my brothers and I were trying out Mod Pizza. My sister was the one that recommended us to go here since she loves to go with her husband and daughters. I was very pleased we went, I was immediately in love with the vibe of the atmosphere and the friendly staff and who doesn't love a Chipotle style pizza restaurant. 
After analyzing the menu for a while one of my brothers decided to go with their staff choice pizza, which was called the Salvatore. (Picture above) This pizza consisted of fresh basil, chicken sausage, ricotta, and to make it a bit more fulfilling he added roasted tomatoes and chicken. I was very impressed with his choice. My other brother got one of their classic pizzas, the Calexico. This pizza consisted of mozzarella, gorgonzola, chicken, jalapeños, and hot buffalo sauce. I was drawn to that pizza when I read the ingredients, but since my brother had ordered it I knew we would share a slice so I decided to get a different one. 
Mod Pizza offers pizzas in three different sizes – Mini, Mod, and Mega. I decided to be adventures and create my own Mod size Pizza. I started with a base of their signature Red Sauce and mozzarella cheese. For my protein I added chicken and Canadian bacon. (Yum!) As for my topping I put a few of my favorite things, Mushrooms, Olives, Diced Tomatoes, Onion, Diced Bell Peppers, and Roasted Asparagus. Yes I said Roasted Asparagus, I was so happy when I saw that topping. I love asparagus, so whenever I have the option to have it I got for it. 
Another thing I loved about Mod Pizza was their selections of drinks. Not only did they have your occasional fountain sodas but they also have a good selection of teas and lemonades. I decided to try their Marion Blackberry Lemonade. This lemonade is completely naturally house made with seasonal fruit puree. This was such a good lemonade, not only did I go for seconds but I also took my cup full to-go.
After getting our pizzas made and getting our drinks we all sat down and shared each others pizzas. If you look at the top picture you can also see on the right side a Mod pizza's Mini Maddy Pizza which is their classic cheese pizza, we got this pizza for my nephew. So I started out with a slice of my pizza and let me just say that the Roasted Asparagus seriously made this pizza the best pizza ever. That's how much I love asparagus and I never thought of putting asparagus on pizza. Next, I tried a slice of the Calexico pizza since that was one of the pizzas on their menu that I was eyeing. This pizza had gorgonzola, which is a veined Italian blue cheese. I always thought I disliked blue cheese but this pizza made question myself. The gorgonzola was the highlight of this pizza, I really enjoyed the cheesy sour taste it gave to the pizza, it went very well with the spices from the jalapeños. This pizza definitely made me want to try blue cheese more often now. Unfortunately, I didn't try my other brother's pizza since I was so in love with mine, I wanted to enjoy eating it. However, he sends his two thumbs up and said it was amazing especially with the additional toppings.  

Even though this was not the usual She & Him Adventures post with ricky, I'm really happy I got to share a little bit about my adventures this week with my brothers. I truly enjoy myself when I get to hang out with my brothers, they are the coolest and funniest brothers I could ever have. (Not sponsored by my brothers to say that but I should be, jk) I hope you enjoyed this post and hopefully I get to have another She & Bros Adventures in the near future. 


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