Mug Collection: Part 1

For years I've been collecting mugs. Whenever I go on a trip or to a new adventure I like to get myself a souvenir and usually they are mugs. While most of my mugs will be disney related because I'm always going to Disneyland, I will have some none Disney mugs that will relate to a trip or that are gifted by my friends. Hope you enjoy part one to this blog series.
I don't have any particular order that I will be going about the mugs. I am just going to start talking about the mugs I currently have on my Wall of Mugs and then after I'll move on to the mugs inside my cabinets. Let's start with the first mug on the left, this mug is actually one of my most recent mugs I got. It is an Alice in Wonderland Tea cup Mug inspired by the ride in Disney World. I was quickly fell in love with this mug especially the color. Disneyland had this mug in four different color scheme, at the moment I only thought buying one was good enough but now I wished I would of gotten all four, they look so cute together. The next mug is my "I love You" Princess Leia Mug. I got this mug in a set of two at Hallmark, the other mug had Han solo with his infamous respond to Leia "I Know." I wish I could show the other mug unfortunately I gave that one away to a friend of mine. 
The next mug I have is from the Disney Store and it is the Alice in Wonderland Classic Animation Collection Mug. This mug features a full color design from the wonderful classic animation of Alice in wonderland, just FYI expect to see a lot of Alice in Wonderland mugs. This mug was part of a five piece collection, that included a mug for Pinocchio, Peter Pan, Bambi, and the Aristocats. The next mug is a Princess Ariel Mug. This mug captures the fairytale wonder of The Little Mermaid as it incorporates elements of the story in its outer design. They have come out with a mug similar to this for almost all of the princesses and even some of the villains. One of my favorite parts of this mug is the princess signature inside the mug.
Next, I have the Minnie Mouse Body Parts Pants Mug. I got this mug when Ricky and I both went to Disneyland together as a couple for the first time. When I purchased this mug I also got the matching one of Mickey for Ricky. However, that one took a fall and broke. The next mug I have is an awesome Star Wars: The Force Awakens BB-8 Mug, my friend Javi got it for me for my birthday in January. I had been wanting this mug since December but it was sold out both at my local Disney Stores and online and eventually I gave up. Luckily, he remembered and got it for me when it came back in stock. I was so happy when I got it and quickly put it up on my wall of mugs. I love seeing this mug every morning.
Next I have a Star Wars: The Force Awakens Stormtrooper Mug. I got this mug during the Target Star Wars Force Friday. It was a crazy night but it was worth it. I was able to get a couple cool things and this mug was one of them. Lastly for part 1 of my Mug Collection series, I have another Princess mug but this time a Princess Snow White Mug. This mug is just so beautiful, so beautifully crafted that I actually refuse to use it because of the cute little rhinestone and velvet apple it has on the mug. I'm worried the rhinestones might fall off or that the velvet apple will get stained, so I keep this mug on my Wall of Mugs and make sure no one uses it.

Hope you enjoyed, see you at part 2!



  1. I love your mugs! I need to do something like this so I can too have a little spot to have all my mugs displayed.

  2. And I just realized your Alice picture with the flamingo! Sooo cute!!!!!!


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