Taste Test Tuesday: Japan Beauty Products

Welcome to another Taste Test Tuesday but this time its Testing Tuesday since I cant taste these items for safety purposes. Lately, I've been seeing a lot of testing beauty products videos. So I decided to give it a try. I ended up going to my local Japanese store and bought a few products to try out.
The first item I got were these Cleansing Tissues. They are pretty much like make-up removing wipes. These came in the fragrance grapefruit. I was kind of hesitant to buying them because last time I bought grapefruit make-up removing wipes by YESto, I felt a minor burning sensation on my face. In the past I had used make-up wipes by YESto and I never had an issue. I figured my face probably doesn't react well to grapefruit scented stuff, but anyways I decided to still try them for the sake of this Japan Beauty Product Testing.

So the directions tells you to remove your make-up by rubbing the tissue on your face. After cleaning your face you are suppose to wash your face and use lotion. It's suppose to make your face soft and calm with the grapefruits extracts. I thought it was kind of weird that they tell you to wash your face again after using the tissues. Normally some wipes especially like Neutrogena wipes say its fine to clean your face with the wipes and not apply anything else. It made me wonder if they don't trust leaving the ingredients the tissues have on your face over night, kind of sketchy.

Overall, I thought the tissues were very mediocre. It felt like they wouldn't remove my entire make-up. The tissues were very soft and I normally like wipes that have a texture to them and exfoliate my skin. After a week and a half of using them I am content that my face didn't have a bad reaction, but then again I did follow the instructions and washed my face right after. 
The next product I got was this Face Washing Brush. This Face Washing Brush is meant to clean out your pores, remove dirt & unnecessary oils, exfoliates old skin and unblocks pores. I was actually looking forward to this item. It seemed simple and it looked like it would work. As a side note I had seen this same products at Sephora for $6.00 but Daiso had it for $1.50. I swear it looks like the identical item, it's even in the same color. 

The directions tell you to fit this tool between your two fingers. Then wash your face while gently massaging your face with this tool which is made of a soft silicone brush. 

After using it for about two weeks, I am very happy with it. It's not the best tool out there to wash and exfoliate your skin but for $1.50, it definitely took off my dry skin around my nose. If anything it made me want to venture out and try other tools. Maybe now I'll buy myself the Clarisonic Mia Skin Cleansing System that I been wanting to try. 
Lastly, I got this Pore Care Pack. This is like your usual pore strips. However, these are made of charcoal. I have been looking for charcoal pore strips for a while because I have seen many videos that showed they worked really good. Like usual you start by slightly wetting your nose after a full face wash. You apply the strip and wait 10-15 minutes before removing it.

Let me start off with I went back to the store the next week to buy some more and they were all sold out. They worked amazing! I was really surprised, I was tempted to take a picture of the results on the strip but I think it was too gross to show. I think these pore strips were by far my favorite product I tried. I will definitely be on the look out for more charcoal pore strips.

Well that's all for this Taste Test Tuesday, sorry I mean Testing Tuesday. Hope you all learned a few things and feel free to comment or suggest any products or themes I should try next time.


  1. I have al ove hate relationship with pore strips. They work so well but hurt so bad haha. Now I want to go to Daiso to check out their products :)

    1. Girl me too! But I've love how much they have removed and minimized my pores. Check Daiso out they have so much stuff, maybe you can do a review/ testing things too. I would love to see it.


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