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When I first moved to San Jose I came here with a few boxes and a couch. I didn't have much to decorate my apartment, so for a long time my apartment was pretty boring. Over the years my apartment has started to feel more like a home. I've never been more happier with the way my apartment looks right now. So I decided to make a small blog series that will highlight the place I call home.

So welcome to my kitchen! I normally spend a lot of time in the kitchen. I tend to cook all my meals with the exception when I go out with Ricky. Recently, I got rid of a lot of stuff in my kitchen and redecorated. If you can't tell I love the color mint green. When it came to decorating my kitchen I just decided to buy couple of mint green appliances and decorative items. 
I have a standard white electric stove and refrigerator which you normally find in a lot of apartments. Overtime I've bought and collected little magnets and artwork that I have put on my fridge. I have couple of different Mickey shaped food which I bought at Disneyland. The little Vinylmation magnets were given to me by a friend, she knew at the time I was obsessed with Vinylmation so she gifted me with a few of them to put on my fridge. The castle and the Elsa & Anna artwork were send to me by Disney for being an Annual Passholder. I've been wanting to frame those for a while but I always forget to buy a frame. Both the Snow White and the Peter Pan artwork I got while visiting the Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco. Lastly, the girl with the Minnie ears artwork I got during a student art exhibition at my college and the World of Color piece I bough from Disneyland when they first came out with the World of Color at Disneyland California Adventures.
Next, the furthest wall in my kitchen I have a very long chalkboard that I DIYed. I found this board at work, it was going to get tossed out and I knew I could do something with it. So I bought some matted mint green paint and some chalkboard paint and I painted it. I loved how it turned out and I only spent five dollars to make it. I always change what I write on the chalkboard. Sometimes I'll have an inspirational quote, a saying of mine or a huge reminder, but most of the time I have a grocery list. Currently I have a cute little saying of mine which is "Happy & Healthy." Whenever I'm in the kitchen, I like to be reminded to cook healthy and be happy. Along with my saying, I have a cartoon portrait of Ricky and I. Below the portrait I have a grocery list, which reminds me I need to go grocery shopping later today. 
On the left side of my sink I have my favorite appliance which is my Kitchen Aid Mixer. I love this mixer so much. I think having one of these is a necessity in every kitchen. It really makes cooking and baking so much easier and fun. I normally never baked as often when I didn't have a Kitchen Aid Mixer because it really gets tiring mixing by hand, but now I'm always baking. 
Next to my mixer, I have these really cute clear containers with mint green color lids. I got these containers at Target couple months ago and they have been life savers. It's become so easy to just grab these items since they are at hands reach. I love that I can visually see what's inside and how much I have left. I would hate when I would open my cabinets and see my box of pasta was out or I was out of rice. I currently keep corn kernels, beans, spaghetti, rice, chia seeds, and oatmeal inside these containers. These are items I eat often, so I like to make sure I always have them in stock. 
On the right side of my sink, I have a microwave and couple of items. Nothing too special about the microwave it's a simple black one. I might change it up later and get a white. On top of the microwave I have these adorable Alice in Wonderland tea cup salt and pepper shakers. I am currently not using them as salt and pepper shakers because I like to use a pepper mill. So I just have them as decoration in my kitchen. Next to the tea cups I have a little Fantasyland trash can salt or pepper shaker, this one I do use for salt. On the left side of the microwave I have these three little cute mint green tin cans. My sister just gave me these for Christmas. I love them so much, they go so well with everything else. These tins came pre-labeled with Coffee, Sugar, and Tea. I don't use coffee grounds because I have a Keurig so I have the coffee tin empty right now. The sugar tin I do store sugar and for the tea tin I have my favorite tea bags.  
Next, we have the other side of my kitchen which is also part of my dining room. On the left side I have an Ikea storage cart. I tend to keep on the top layer my food processor and napkins. The middle layer normally has cookies and bread and the bottom layer has my rice cooker and more goodies. On this wall you'll see a really cute Alice painting that I bought at Disneyland along with my mug collection. I have a very simple black Ikea table and chairs. On my table you'll find that cake stand and it normally has freshly baked goods. I usually don't eat on my table that's why I have more appliances on it but when I do I'll clear it out. 
On my table I have my Keurig Machine that I always use and next to it I have a K-cup holder. I usually have in stock a variety of coffee and tea's especially for guest. Next to the K-cup holder I have my Disney's Pixar slow cooker. I was in love with this when I saw a picture of it on Instagram. I quickly went on a hunt to look for it online and when I did it was out of stock. Luckily, Ricky saw when it came back in stock, so he gifted it to me for Valentine's Day. On top you'll see a closer view of my mug collection. I've gotten asked before if I could show my collection since I have a lot more stored in my cabinets. So I'm planning on making another blog to talk specifically about my mug collection. 

Well I hope you enjoyed this little tour of my kitchen.



  1. I'm obsessed with your kitchen its so cute! I really like that portrait of you and Ricky.

  2. Thank you, it's tiny but I love my kitchen a lot.


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