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This past weekend I witness a life threatening situation. Ricky and I went to San Francisco this past Sunday to see a friend's band perform their first gig. We arrived there a bit early to catch the Warriors game and have dinner. Dinner went well, he had a burger and a beer and I had nachos and a beer. The Warriors won, Yay! Shortly after we finished eating, we decided to stop at a bar since we had about an hour to spare. After walking up a steep hill we sat down at a bar and both ordered a beer. Before we had a sip, we both cheered to having a good night in the city. I had ordered a Guinness Stout which I regret ordering, it tasted like water. Ricky order a Green Flash IPA. After he took the first sip he asked me to order him a cup of water. His throat was feeling very dry and his nose was getting very runny. Unfortunately, the bartender was busy so I suggested he go to the restroom. He was in the restroom for a while and I started to get a weird feeling something was not okay.

Once he came out of the restroom he told me he was not feeling well. At that point his nose was beyond congested and his throat started to feel weird. Once again he told me to get him water. Finally the bartender was free and I was able to get him water, he quickly chugged all the water. His eyes started to get watery and I was getting worried. I told him to go to the restroom again and wash his face. When he came out and he sat down and he kept saying he felt short of breath and his eyes were getting red and really watery. I suggested we leave and get some fresh air. As we were walking, he told me it could be his seasonal allergies bothering him. So we walk to the nearest Walgreen to get some nasal medication, unfortunately it was close. So I look on Google Maps to find another one. At that point Ricky was getting worse. He started to developed a severe nasal congestion, hoarseness and a tightness feeling in his chest. He said he couldn't stand it anymore and wanted to be taken to the ER. At that point I was very worried and I didn't want to take him all the way back to San Jose to his primary care. I decided to look for the nearest hospital and take him there. I was extremely worried, I have never seen him physically scared for his life.

We ended up at the Dignity Health St. Mary's Center in San Francisco. They quickly took him in since he said it was getting difficult to breathe. First they did the usual check up as in height, weight and heart rate. A normal heart rate for adults ranges from 60 to 100 beats a minute. Ricky had a heart rate of 125 beats a minute, this worried the doctor. After a closer check up of his throat and informing the doctor how it started, she knew it was some sort of allergic response. She decided to give him an IV to stop the allergic reaction and a nasal spray to help with the congestion. A male nurse came to place the needle in his vain for the IV, but unfortunately after two tries he could not get a vain to accept the needle. The male nurse got extremely nervous and decided to call another nurse for help. Luckily the next nurse was able to get a vain to accept the needle. Next we waited for about an hours and a half for the IV to get into his system. After one last check up from the doctor she gave him the a OK to be released. When we got out it past 11:00 PM, we were both exhausted and decided to spend the night at his parents house since they live about a 15 minute drive from San Francisco.

This was a very scary situation and never in my life did I think this would happen especially to Ricky. We found out he had an Anaphylaxis shock. That is a serious, potentially life-threatening allergic response that is marked by swelling, hives, lowered blood pressure, and dilated blood vessels. Sometimes if it's not treated immediately, it can be fatal. We will be following up with his primary care to find out what he is allergic to and find out how serious it is, and if he will need to be prescribed an EpiPen.


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