Sharks Playoff Game #4 | She & Him Adventures

Last Wednesday Ricky and I decided to go to another Sharks game but this time a Playoffs game. This was both Ricky and I first playoffs game and it was the most exciting live sport I have every seen. Usually for playoffs the arena tends to get sold out and in this case it was. The Sharks were up against our Southern California rival the Los Angeles Kings, Ugh! #BeatLA. Our friend Zack ended up joining us since we told him we were going. This was Zack's first ever hockey game so we were more than happy to have him join us. 

Now here are some photographs from this amazing night that ended in a 3-2 win for the San Jose Sharks. Hope you enjoy!
We arrived about 40 minutes before the game and slowly but surely the arena was getting filled. We went early to watch the players practice, which is one of my favorite things to watch. I love to see how coordinated they are when they are shooting the puck to the net. 

During the playoffs, normally they give out a gift that they place on the seats. On Monday's game we saw that they gave out T-shirts with the original San Jose Sharks logo. We thought the shirts were really cool and we were looking forward to seeing what we would get. For game four of the playoffs they gave us towels. I was very excited when I got mine, I quickly grabbed it and took a picture. 
I knew I had to get a picture early on because once the game started they were not going to want to take a picture. 
As soon as the lights start to dim and I start seeing the projections on the ice I immediately get excited because not only does it mean that the game is about to start, but it is also such an awesome show.
This playoff game was such an amazing experience not only did we win but there was such a great atmosphere all around the arena. Both my bae's Burns (#88) and Pavelski (#8) scored during the second period and Marleau (#12) scored the third point for the win. We also got to see a few people we knew around the arena. We ate some delicious nachos and enjoyed some beers during the game. And lastly, it was so much fun having Zack there and seeing his expressions during the game. 

This past Friday, the Sharks played their 5th game and we have officially won Round 1 and are now moving on to Round 2 of the playoffs. Expect another post later this week or next week because we will be going to the first or second game played here at the SAP Center. 


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