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Last week over lunch I was talking to Ricky about how much I've always wanted to go to a Sharks game. We have been living in San Jose for over 5 years and while Ricky has gone to couple of Sharks games before, I personally have never gone. So later that day he told me he had purchased tickets for us to go to a game. He got us tickets for Tuesday when the San Jose Sharks were facing the St. Louis Blues. 

Since it was my first time, we arrived about 45 minutes before the game started so we could check out the arena. The SAP center is beautiful. I wish I would of taken more pictures but I was so excited about being there that I forgot to take out my camera. After checking out the arena and finding our seats we decided to grab a snack for the game. We ended up grabbing some beers and nachos. Ricky ordered us some IPA's. He got mine served in a souvenir cup and ordered his in a regular cup. When I asked him why he got me the souvenir cup he said "You like this kind of stuff." He knows me too well. I love getting souvenirs whenever I go somewhere for the first time. 
One of my favorite things when I would watch the Sharks games on television was the way the players would enter the rink at the start of the game. Seeing them come through the Sharks mouth in person was so amazing. I was all smiles the whole time especially seeing some of my favorite players. I kept telling Ricky omg look is this player, omg look at the lights, omg this, omg that. He would just smile and laugh. He knows how excited I get about the smallest things. 
This was a very good game against the St. Louis Blues. Even though we came out losing at the last minute by one point, it was still a very exciting game. There was a lot of bumps and a couple of fights. There were some really good plays and some really exciting power plays especially at the ending. At the end of the game, we were at the tip of our seats hoping we would tie but unfortunately we lost. 

Overall this was a very awesome adventure. I was very pleased that I finally went to a Sharks game and Ricky was happy we finally got to go together. We also decided we need to come and see more game especially living only couple of blocks away. 


  1. I've never been to a sharks game lol. Rudy is always saying for us to go to one but we never end up going.

    1. Really you haven't! You need to go it was so much fun. You can get tickets pretty cheap and even the higher seating isn't that bad of a view. I want to go again.

    2. Haha nope, I wouldn't mind going. Every time Rudy talks about wanting to go we completely forget lol. Maybe one day we will.

    3. Yeah that's how Ricky and I were until he surprised me with them. We should see if we could go to one together.


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