Ipsy: April Glam Bag

Last week I received my Ipsy April Glam Bag, I had seen a preview on Instagram and I wasn't too excited about the design of the bag. It reminded me of Tie-Dye and I've never been a fan of Tie-Dye but I was still excited to see what I would get inside. Now let's move on to the fun stuff. This month's glam bag is called Dreamers, it focuses on creating looks that celebrate every side of your unique beauty-from natural and understanding to high fashion and ultra-glam. Let's check out what I got this month. 

The first item I got was the Tapered Duo Fiber Brush by Crown Brushes. I usually dislike getting brushes in my Ipsy glam bag but I'm actually happy I received this one. I loved the feeling of the brush and I'll most likely use this brush to apply my foundation when I don't have a Beauty Blender, since I'm currently obsessed with using my Beauty Blender. 

The next item I got in my bag was Briogeo's Don't Despair, Repair! A Gel-to-oil overnight repair treatment. This overnight treatment is a repair treatment to strengthen, restore moisture, repair split ends, and increase elasticity, shine, and luster while you sleep. I am so happy I got this products since I bleach my hair, I'm always looking for products to strengthen and restore my hair. I tried the treatment once in my hair but its too early to tell if it works or not. However, the first thing I did noticed was it smells incredible and it made my hair a bit softer. So I'm excited to continue using this treatment in my hair. 
The next product I got was the Not A Perfume by Juliette has a Gun. I'm really picky when it comes to perfumes. I only have three perfumes that I stick-to and it's very rare when I find a another perfume that I like. When I saw I got a perfume in my bag decided to give it a try and see if I would like it or not. I noticed this perfume has a very fresh and clean fragrance which I kind of liked. I wore this perfume this whole weekend and the scent really grew on me. It's light and doesn't have that heavy overbearing smell. After I read the box details, I learned it is also hypoallergenic, ideal for those who have a sensitive nose. 
Next, I got a Tarte LipSurgence Lip Creme in the color Wonder. This is a very cute deep pink color. If you apply one coat you will get a sheer color, but with two or three coats you can really built an intense color. I started wearing this lip creme on the day I opened my bag and continue wearing it through out the week. I am very happy I got this and I am looking forward to buying more Tarte products.
Lastly, I got an eyeshadow in the color Desert Sands by Nomad. I hate ending on a bad note but there was nothing special about this eyeshadow, it was just too shimmery and the color was bland. I've also learned that eyeshadows & eyeliners are the two items I dislike getting in my glam bag.  

April Glam Bag
Design: 2/5
Loved Products: 4/5



  1. I love it when I get make up brushes in my Ipsy bag!

    1. The thing with me is I always get eyeshadow brushes and hardly ever do my eyes.


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