BubbleGum.Bunny Care Package Haul

This past trip to Disneyland I got to meet a very talented and sweet person that goes by Bun Bun. We immediately bonded over the randomest things like Dr. Pepper, Isabella, Medicine tasting drinks, and much more. We've continued to talk for a little bit over a month now and she's turned out to be such a caring friend. 

Before I left Disneyland, I promised her I would send her a few patches and I even designed her a very special one that was inspired by her Social Club. She was kind enough to send me a care package with some of her hand made feltie brooches. Prior to meeting her, I had seen her stuff on Instagram and on my brother's vest but I never knew she was the crafter behind these feltie brooches. So I decided to share with you all this amazing care package she send me of some unique feltie brooches and paintings she did for me.
The first items I got were these feltie brooches. She's known for her delicious looking Pizza Feltie Brooches which also include a little pepperoni hidden Mickey, so cute! I have one of her normal size pizzas which I took from my brother, but now I have the miniature version which is even more adorable. She also included a Cheshire cat inspired pizza, she knows how much I love the Cheshire cat so she made this for me and I couldn't be more happier or could I? Well I got even more happy when I saw she made this PeppermintHeart feltie brooch. This picture does not show how glittery and sparkly it is but in the sun it sparkles so pretty. I can't wait to put these feltie brooches on my jackets and vest. 
Next, I got these two watercolor paintings she did. She send me a sneak-peek of the peppermint heart balloons but I didn't get to see the final piece until the day I got it. I've always loved the balloons at Disneyland. I love how she incorporated peppermint in a balloon and also included my favorite color Mint in the painting. The second painting she send me was the Cheshire cat balloon, once again she knows me too well. I love how she included his face because when I was younger I would always get excited when his face would show up in the movie. Also, I've been wanting to put more art work on my walls so these paintings will be perfect to put up.  
Lastly, she included one of the Hitchhiking Ghost Tsum Tsum (Ezra) from the newest collection released at the park. This is my first Tsum Tsum besides the large Cheshire Cat Pillow I have and I want more now. They are so cute and small and I quickly placed this one on my desk, and will be happy to see it everyday while I work. 

If you are interested in her feltie brooches or paintings check her out at bubblegum.bunny on Instagram. She has many more character theme pizza brooches and other disneyland food brooches, I hope you enjoy this post.


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