Taste Test Tuesday: Beer

For a long time I never enjoyed drinking beer. However, recently I've expanded my knowledge about craft beers and the types that are made. So I have grown to really love beer. Since I always find myself trying out beers, I decided to do a Beer Taste Test. Today I will be talking about two root beers that actually contain alcohol and two stouts.

I'll start first with the two root beers I tried. This was my first time trying out root beers that contained alcohol. I'm a fan of root beer so I figured I would probably really enjoy these alcohol infused root beers. The first root beer I had was Not Your Father's Root Beer. This root beer tasted like a dark spiced ale with vanilla flavoring. The root beer taste in this beer was really good. I  really loved the strong spiced vanilla flavor I would get in each sip. I had this beer straight out of the bottle but I felt it would probably taste even better poured in a glass over ice. Shortly after I finished the Not Your Father's Root Beer, I had the Best Damn Root Beer.  I think this root beer is far from having the title of the best damn root beer. This root beer has little to no carbonation. When you take the first sip you get a taste of root beer, however once you swallow it you get the after taste of alcohol. It was almost like I was drinking a soda and quickly after took a sip of a beer. It also felt overly sweet but it had like a medicinal sweetness to it that was really gross. I definitely enjoyed the Not Your Father's Root Beer more than the Best Damn Root Beer.

Next, I tried two stouts which I was really excited to taste. The first one I had was the Drake's Drakonic. I have really enjoy Drake's Brewing Company beers and Drakonic was definitely a good one as well. I served this beer in a chilled glass, since it's a stout this beer was very dark. Quickly after the first sip, I had a strong but delicious taste of coffee and dark chocolate. I found it to be very enjoyable. A rich chocolatey coffee flavor up front is what I always enjoy in a stout. Lastly, the last beer I had was the Samuel Smith's Organic Chocolate Stout. I was only going to review three beers but as I was leaving Raley's I saw this beer and the organic label quickly got my attention. This beer is made with roasted organic chocolate malt and real organic cocoa. Like all stouts this beer pours a very dark brown color. It had a very dominate taste of chocolate with a hint of vanilla and coffee. It was very smooth to drink and I really enjoyed it. I know some people tend to stay away from organic label on beers but I would highly suggest trying this one out. 

Well that's all for this Beer Taste Test. Hope you all learned a few things about beer and feel free to comment or suggestion any food items or themes I should try for my next Taste Test.


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