Taste Test Tuesday: Vegan

Every time I go to the grocery store I always like looking for new items to try. I'm very adventurous when it comes to food. Normally, I will never deny trying something new unless it's an insect or something very out of the ordinary to eat. So I decided to start a new series about Taste Testing on my blog. In the future I'll be tasting different items with a theme around them. This week I introduce you all to my first Vegan Taste Test.

The first item I have for you all is Yves Veggie Turkey. This is what normally would be like your turkey deli slices. However, this is made with soy and wheat. When I first took a bite into a slice I realized it's a lot more rubbery than your typical turkey slices. What I enjoyed the most was that it had a kick of spices and garlic. Once I read the label more, I realized it does contain some spices and garlic powder. I included these veggie turkey slices in a sandwich and I really enjoyed it. I'm not sure if I'll buy it again. I'll most likely try a few different products before I buy this again. 
Next I have the El Burrito Organic Soyrizo. This is a soy based meatless Chorizo. When I saw this in the grocery store I was so excited. I love chorizo so much. I wish I could eat chorizo more often. However, chorizo is normally made with pork meat. I usually don't eat pork meat at all but once in a while I'll have it when I eat chorizo. When I purchased the Soyrizo a lot of my vegetarian/vegan friends told me I would love it. Even though I was kind of on the fence whether it would actually taste like the real thing. 

I cooked this Soyrizo with diced potatoes and garnished it with cilantro. This was seriously dead on like chorizo. Usually with soy based products they have a weird texture or flavor to them but this was amazing. I loved this so much that I will for sure be buying this more often. 

Next I have the Go Veggie! Monterey Jack & Cheddar Flavor Shreds aka "cheese". Once I further inspected the package and read the ingredients I realized this isn't vegan. It contains Skim Milk so technically it's Vegetarian but not Vegan. But I decided to still include it since I had a very weird taste test to this cheese. Once again this is a soy based products, but this does not taste like cheese at all. When I first tasted it, I was like "yuck this is gross and dry." It had the smell of cheese and the look of cheese but it did not taste like cheese. These are the items that are soy based and just don't taste like what they are suppose to.  The next day I decided to give it another try and I put it in my sandwich and on a quesadilla and it tasted much better. This "cheese" was definitely not good on its own but mixed with other food it tasted decent. 
Lastly, I have a Kutoa Bar. This is a blueberry almond bar with whole fruits, raw nuts and both Chia & Flax seeds. Besides also being gluten free and soy free it is also a charity bar that gives a meal to a child in need for every bar you buy. This bar was really good, I've tried their chocolate banana bar which is even more amazing especially for breakfast, but this bar is a perfect snack item.

Well that's all for this Taste Test. Hope you all learned a few things and feel free to comment or suggestion any food items or themes I should try for next time.


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