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Rotten Tomatoes: 99%

Prior to watching Zootopia I had randomly discussed with Ricky that I wasn't too trilled about it. Heck, I was even willing not to watch it at all. I think I was comparing it to Madagascar which I am not a fan of, and yes I know that's not a Disney or Pixar film. Since it's release date I saw it did really well in the box office and Ricky also had mentioned he had read some really good reviews about it. So, after a week of battling a terrible cold Ricky and I decided to go out on Thursday and watch the movie. We decided not to travel far and go to our local theater in downtown. We were able to catch the last showing of the movie at 10:55 P.M. We grabbed a drink and some popcorn and headed to our seats.

While watching the movie I could not stop looking at Ricky and giving him my goo-goo-li eyes whenever I thought something was cute or my sad eyes when something was sad or scary. Ricky would constantly look at me to give me signs of approval that the movie was really good. After the movie ended we both said I want to watch it again. It was that good.

My favorite part was the social commentary and the message behind the movie . The message I took was the good old saying "Don't Judge a Book by it's Cover." Just because an animal was a certain type of breed doesn't mean their a bad animal or a good animal. This message was very relatable to society especially now more than ever. We should never stereotype a person based on their race. Unfortunately, stereotyping has always been around and will most likely always be around. However, this movie perfectly showed why stereotype is never a good thing.

Ricky agreed with me that this movie had a very strong message behind it and Pixar/Disney did a very good job portraying the social issues we face today. He really liked how the movie started out really exciting with very strong rising action towards the climax and ended with a plot twist we didn't expect but highly enjoyed.

She & Him give it a...Drum Roll...5 out of 5.


  1. Rudy had just told me how this movie got good ratings too and I was like "hmm thats cool, not interested' ha ha. Maybe I should reconsider.

    1. You should I was the same in the beginning.


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