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Earlier this week I passed by a side of campus I normally don't pass by anymore. That's when I realized what once was a bookstore is now a pizzeria. I used to visit this side of campus a lot to purchase textbooks at the bookstore that was once here. However, once the bookstore closed I stopped going to this side of campus since there isn't much on this side. So I was very excited when I saw they finally opened a business in this property. So Ricky and I decided to go and try out Sammy G’s Pizzeria on Thursday. I mean who doesn't love Pizza and Beer, right?

First we started out with some beers. They have a good amount of both domestic and craft beers. While I ordered the pizzas Ricky went and ordered the beers for us. I always let him choose my beers, since he knows what kind of beers I like. He always has a tendency of choosing really good beers. He ended up ordering the Drake's Jolly Rodger Imperial Coffee Porter for both of us. We've tasted the Drake's Jolly Rodger Imperial Coffee Stout before and really liked it. We were very excited to try their porter, I personally thought the stout was my favorite but after tasting this porter I have a new favorite now. I really loved this beer it was very smooth and it had that rich coffee taste. Ricky also like the beer and he was very excited to try more of their beers on tap. 
At Sammy G’s Pizzeria you can customize your own pizza or choose from their menu. Ricky and I decided to try out the pizzas on the menu. I went with their popular Buffalo Mac Pizza. This pizza starts off with a base of Garlic Sauce and topped off with mac–n–cheese, buffalo chicken, green onions, and finished with truffle oil. The moment I saw this pizza had mac–n–cheese I was like yes! After the first bite both Ricky and I gave each other the nod of approval. It was so deliciously cheesy with the mac–n–cheese and the buffalo chicken tasted like you were actually eating buffalo chicken wings and with the green onion on top it made it perfect. 
Ricky picked the Mother Clucker Pizza. I thought the name was funny, even the cashier was like "customers always laugh when I say the name." So this Pizza has a BBQ sauce, and it's topped off with chicken, red onion, and cilantro. This reminded us of a pizza we use to get back in high school when we would go to Blondie's Pizza in Berkeley. We both really liked this pizza a lot, and it went really well after eating the Buffalo Mac Pizza since that pizza was a bit spicy and this pizza felt very refreshing especially with the fresh cilantro. 

We will definitely be coming back together to eat at Sammy G’s Pizzeria and try out more pizzas and beers.


  1. It is really good, ricky went back the next day with his co-workers. I been craving it this week.


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