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Tonight we have for you all another She & Him Adventures post. One type of food Ricky and I highly enjoy eating is Ramen. I've attempted at making Ramen myself couple of times. I'm not taking about the Ramen you just buy in a package and heat up and eat instantly. I'm taking about me actually making the broth and all the delicious toppings. It turned out decent considering I've only done it couple of times but we much rather eat it at our favorite Ramen spots.

One of our favorite Ramen spots here in San Jose is Konjoe Tei, it's located inside the SoFA Market in downtown. What I like about this location is that it's in a very discrete location. It does get busy around lunch time but normally it's a good crowd of people and the service is very friendly. They have a very short menu which makes things easy to order and they seem to switch their Ramen dishes somewhat often. The picture above is two of the Ramen selections they currently have in their menu. The one on the left is their Inaniwa Udon and the right is a Coconut Ramen, both very delicious but my favorite is the Inaniwa Udon. They've had in the past some of the best Ramen dishes I have ever tried but like I mention they switch their menu pretty often but they never disappoint with the changes they make.
In our recent trip to New York. Ricky was eager to visit a Ramen spot called Totto Ramen. He had heard great reviews about this place and wanted to try it. This is one of those places you could totally walk pass it and never notice it but I am so happy we got to eat here. We had to wait a little bit over an hour to get seated which wasn't too bad besides the freezing weather outside in New York. Once taken inside I realized why there was a wait it was packed and they only had a small bar section to eat and few tables. I think the max capacity was like 20 people. It was so small that groups of two would get seated next to another group on the same table. Even though the place was small the dishes were full of flavor. I don't think I have ever ate my food that fast. I'm normally a slow eater but this was so delicious especially with the cold weather, it was just perfect. Both Ricky and I agreed next time we visit New York we will have to come back to Totto Ramen
Next is a place also here in San Jose called Noodle Dude. I want to say they have about a year open now if not a little bit over a year. We attend their soft opening. Supposedly that night was for family members only however I didn't see a sign that said that but they were more than happy to serve Ricky and I. This place I consider it the Chipotle of Ramen. First you start with the noodles, they have a good variety of noodles from ramen, rice, green tea, yam, and spinach noodles. Then you choose your toppings and once again they have a variety of types of meats and veggies. Lastly, the broth normally they have about 3-4 types of broth and usually they are Miso, Veggie, Mongolian, and Tonkotsu. We really enjoy coming to this place, especially when we feel like making my own custom Ramen.


  1. I love this little she and him adventures! Such a great idea.


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