March Favorites

Well I think we can all agree that March went by extremely fast. Last night, after coming back from my hometown I realized it's almost the end of the month and I have yet to do my monthly favorites. I didn't purchase a lot of things this month but I did start to use a lot of products I've had for a while and ended up loving them this month.

The first item was my Kat Von D Shade + Light Contour Brush. I purchased this during my trip to New York. I was looking for this brush in my local Sephora's but they were all sold out. I fell in love with the packaging when I saw Kat Von D post a picture of it. This has not only become very handy while traveling but it works amazing. I love that its two brushes in one. I also love that it comes in this cute packaging that keeps it safe while traveling. Its so easy to do my contour with this brush. I love the angle and how easy and fast it is to not only do my contour but also apply my highlighter. Talking about Highlighters my next March Favorite is the Milani Illuminating Face Powder. This is in the color 03 Beauty Touch. It works not only as a Highlighter but also as a Bronzer and Blush. The reason I purchased this one is because I had a similar product like it but by MAC. I would use it all the time. Unfortunately, it was limited edition and I recently ran out of it. When I saw this face powder it reminded me of it. So far I love it, I use it mainly as a blush or a highlighter when I do my make up. 

My next monthly favorite is the MAC Boldly Bare Lip Pencil. I got this lip pencil in one of the MAC's Holiday gift sets. I've never been a fan of lip pencils but boy was I wrong. I think I was never a fan because I've never found one that I liked. This is the perfect nude but not so nude lip color. I've always loved to over draw my lips but I've notice it was becoming very hard to do so with liquid lipsticks. I've always been very good with my precision with a pencil. When I tried to over draw my lips for the first time with this pencil, it came out looking flawless. As a plus the color lasted for a really long time and it was easy to touch up after. 

The next monthly favorite is my Beauty Blender. I got this Beauty Blender in the KVD + Beauty Blender Customizable Complexion Set. This set was so worth it, I been wanting to try the KVD's foundation and primer and Beauty Blender's liquid blender cleanser and Beauty Blender. I'll talk about all those products later but for this monthly favorite I'll talk specifically about the Beauty Blender. For months, I have heard and seen how amazing a Beauty Blender works and finally I decided to give it a try. I've always only used brushes to do my foundation. After using my Beauty Blender, I am so happy with how nicely it applies my foundation. I also feel I can apply my foundation much faster when I'm in a hurry. Plus, after washing my Beauty Blender I also learned how much easier it is to wash it compare to a brush.  

Lastly, my last March favorite is my Disneyland Annual Passport. I've been an Annual Passholder for couple of years now but my pass expired in October. I knew I wouldn't be able to go as often as I was going for the next couple of months. Especially since I knew I was going to be busy at work for November, December, and in January I was going to have my trip to New York. So I decided to hold off on renewing and I just renewed this month. I am so happy I got it back and I will be making many more trips this year. Hope you enjoyed my March favorites. 


  1. I love the beauty blender thats the only way I like how my foundation applies. I own tons of brushes and try tons of different ones but nothing looks as good as a beauty blender.

    1. Yeah I figured for my foundation I will only use beauty blenders from now on.


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