Journey to a New Me

This year has been the year of many changes in my life. I started with a minor change in my life but now I am more motivated than ever to continue to change and become a better me.
During the busy holidays with my long hours at work and all the delicious holiday food around me, I tend to give in and eat very unhealthy. I was a person who would drink coffee on a daily basis. I loved my Starbucks venti iced coffee with extra breve and a few extra pumps of their classic syrup. During the holidays I would be drinking two coffees a day. Eventually I got really sick of drinking coffee. So around mid December I stopped drinking coffee and switched over to juice instead. Once the month ended and after hearing my co-workers for days that I wouldn't last without drinking coffee I decided to go a bit longer.

The start of January began a journey I would have never thought I would be in. The first day of January was the day I said I would continue to not have coffee for the rest of the month, possibly year, even life. Up to this day I have had times where I would be tempted to buy coffee but I hold back and get water or juice instead. Even during my long flight to New York and long nights there I never craved it. Normally, when I go to Disneyland which I just came back from I would drink a coffee in the morning and one during the afternoon. However, during this trip I stayed hydrated with water. I'm not going to lie I did have coffee once with my friend during our recent hang out but I totally spaced out and did not even think about what I was buying since we were having such a good time. Other than that one incident I have been very good without coffee in my life. 

Towards the end of January I started to weigh myself more often than I normally do. Mainly because I haven't felt as confident with my body as I normally do in a while. At the beginning of February, I was weigh in between 130 and 135. Some people may think that's normal for my height at 5'7'' however, I know what my body is capable of looking and it's not there. Since I was going to continue to stop drinking coffee I decided to give up something else that could possibly help me out more. That's where I decided to give up soda as well. I have never been a huge fan of Coca-Cola or fruity sodas. Except, whenever Dr. Pepper was around I needed to drink it. Normally I would also have it in my fridge. I knew I would need to find a substitute for Dr. Pepper. I couldn't just go out cold turkey. So I began to drink a lot of water with a variety of chopped fresh fruit and for additional nutrients I add Chia Seeds. I am beyond happy with my choice to give up soda. I have never felt so energized in my life without the need of caffeine.  

Now March has begun and towards the end of February I kept trying to think of the next thing to give up in March. During my drive back from Disneyland this past week I thought to myself why should I give up something and instead and gain something in life. That's when I realized I wanted to start working out. I have not worked out in a very long time. I use to go running once in a while but never really got committed. I officially started working out this Monday and even though I came down with a very bad cold and fever on Tuesday, I have still continue to work-out. So far I have been working out everyday. I started with a 30 minute work-out but now I am up to an hour work-out. I am mainly working out my abs, buttocks, and legs. I am very happy with how I feel right now. I weighed myself today and I am currently down to 125. I am still eating what I normally eat which has always been healthy dishes. I don't eat red meat, I hardly ever eat fast food, and I tend to cook all my meals. I feel the minor changes I have made have not only helped me with my physical appearance but has also made me more motivated and happier about myself. 

I have other goals and changes I am thinking about for the following month but as time passes I'll update you all with my journey.  


  1. That's awesome, good for you girl! I really need to start working out again. Hopefully with better weather I can start off slowly.

    1. I agree with you. I need better weather too. I want to be working-out outside in nice warm weather.


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