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Before the month ended I wanted to post about my trip to Disneyland earlier this month. This was such a fun trip, I went with both of my brothers and their wives, and my nephew. Once at the park we met up with bunch of our friends who live locally. I had so much fun even though it rained at night on the second day of my trip. I had so many laughs with my friends, ate bunch of food, and got to ride on a lot of rides, considering it was a semi-busy weekend. Hope you enjoy these photographs from my trip. I tried to take as many photographs as I could but normally I forget especially when I'm getting on rides. 

We arrived at the park early in the morning to see the band play.
Even though just as we were about to get on Toy Mania it broke down. We waited and I came out winning with the highest score from everyone. P.S I love seeing this little room when exiting. 
Later in the afternoon, we went to the Cove Bar because my oldest brother had yet to try their famous Lobster Nachos. 
Come on look at these nachos, this is what I call perfection. They are a little bit on the pricey side but very worth it. 
Another must have item at the Cove Bar is their Cotton Candy Lemonade. My friend Juliana had ordered it during her last trip to Disneyland and when I saw the picture I just fell in love with it. The lemonade was nice and refreshing and the cotton candy was just the cherry on top of this delicious concoction.
Later on we went over to the new Star Wars Launch Bay, this place is awesome. So glad we are finally able to enjoy more Star Wars at the park. Unfortunately, when we came into the Cantina to find Boba Fett he was no where to be found. 

This day was also the Annual Passholder Preview for Luigi's Rollickin' Roadsters. Look at these cuties aren't they adorable?
This is Isabella, after waiting in line I ran and ran some more to make sure I got her. I was determine to ride in this little car and was so happy when the cast member told me her name and about her twin sister name Sophia. 

Later on, we headed over to New Orleans and got a Mint Julep and some Beignets. 

As we were leaving New Orleans and heading to Tomorrowland, I finally ran into my favorite Doctor.
I finally also got to meet Princess I mean Kylo Ren. Let's just say I wasn't a fan of him afterwards. Okay, maybe I'm lying but he was super scary but I still love him even though he doesn't love me or his father. R.I.P Han Solo.
After we visited Kylo Ren we got to get on the updated Hyperspace Mountain also know as Space Mountain. The wait time for this ride was crazy all day, and fast passes were all out very early. However, luckily a friend of ours has a very special pass that allows us to get a return time, usually a 15-20 minute wait but then after we would be able to just walk straight to the front of the line and get on. This is how we pretty much were able to get on all the ride during our visit there. 
At night we headed over to Carsland to get a delicious cone from the Cozy Cone Motel. My favorite is Chicken Verde, this taste very good and reminds me of home. After we headed over to the Disney's Grand Californian Hotel to chat with our friends and grab a drink at their bar. 
The next day we woke up bright and early to open the park.
 We started our day by having a well balanced meal at The Plaza Inn.
I mean who doesn't love some Mickey waffles, with syrup, blueberries, and lightly sprinkled with powdered sugar. Yummm!
The best part about eating breakfast at the Plaza Inn is that some of your favorite characters come and visit you at your table. Here is my lover Captain Hook we kind of have a tradition of always showing our love to each other.
Here are two of my favorite dudes. If you know me well you'll know my love for Chip. I have many pictures with chip. I love the love he has for me whenever I tell him he's my favorite out of the two.

This day went by so quick, especially in the evening once it started to rain but this was the last picture I got with my siblings before the rain came down. 
During our trips to Disneyland we make many stops at the Sonoma Terrace to grab a beer. Here we are with some of our friends having a drink and enjoying some laughs.
This was the next morning to the last couple hours at the park before we headed out. This day mainly consisted of getting on rides we missed and shopping. 
Of course a trip wouldn't be made without getting on my favorite ride and on my favorite tea cup. 
And of course getting a delicious churro before getting on Dumbo. 
And lastly, a Stromtrooper finally found the droids they were looking for. Hope you enjoyed this post.


  1. I loved all the pictures! So cute and it's making me anxious to go back. Oh and I loved the pictures of you and Kylo!!!

  2. Why you tryna sneak diss my homie Kylo!

    Hahah dope pics tho.


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