Disneyland Haul

I recently took a trip to Disneyland and came back with many goodies. I decided to do a little haul and show them to you guys. I bought most of them but I was also gifted a few by some really sweet people I know.
First let's start with the mug on the left side of the picture. I was so excited when I saw this mug. They had 4 different colors for this mug. I wanted to buy all of them but they all looked the same, so I settled for one. I'll skip some stuff on this top picture because I'll talk about it more in detail later in this post. Next is that silhouette of me. I've always wanted to get a silhouette done at Disneyland but never came around to getting one. Finally this trip I ditched my friends and family for a little me time and went and got a silhouette done. This was such a fun experience and for only 10 dollars you get two copies, not bad. Next to the silhouette is a Cheshire cat mug with a tail shaped spoon. I had seen this online and wanted to order it last month but I am so glad I waited because I was able to use my Annual Passport discount with it. Yay! Next is a Salt or Pepper shaker replica of the trash cans inside Fantasyland. If anyone knows me well they know how obsessed I am with the trash cans at Disneyland. I seriously wish I had them all but my favorite one is that particular trash can. Next to the trash can is a set of Salt & Pepper shakers inspired by the Alice in Wonderland Tea cups. I had also seen these online and wanted to buy them for a while but my friend recently took a trip to Disneyland and had mentioned to me that they had them there, so obviously I waited to get that AP Discount. 
Next we have those two awesome name tags. The Star Tours tag has my name Imelda. This name tag was only available for AP holders. The bottom one says Pepper along with Sith Lord at the bottom. Next we have the Limited Edition Diamond Celebration Star Wars pin. I wanted this pin when I first saw it released but I thought it was going to be sold out by now.  So I was so excited when my brother showed me this pin. Next to that we have two more Star Wars pins which were just too cute to pass out on them I mean come on they are a Yoda Mine Will You Be? & a Rey pin. 

The first loose pin to the left I received from the Mad T Zombies Social Club. I was admiring their SC pin and they were nice enough to give it to me. Next to that pin we have a new pin for Easter. It's an R2-D2 Easter egg pin. My friend gave me this pin as I was leaving Disneyland. She knows how much I love R2-D2 so she gifted this pin to me. Next to that pin is an Alice in Wonderland tea cup pin, a friend of mine had seen it on a cast member and I quickly ran to trade with the cast member. The Snow White and Cheshire cat pins were both gifted to me by my friend. Lastly the square pin is a combination between Monster Inc. doors and Alice in Wonderland. My brother got this pin in a mystery bag and gifted it to me since he knew I was on the look out for this pin. 

The last two items in this picture is a key chain and a feltie pin. They key chain was given to me during the Annual Passholder Preview of the new ride in Disneyland California Adventures called Luigi's Rollickin Roadsters. I was so happy I got to ride it before it opened for the public, plus they gave us this super cute key chain. Lastly is the feltie pin, this was made by a very talented and sweet friend of mine. It was my first time meeting her but we totally bonded during this trip and consider her a friend now. I'll be receiving more stuff from her. So when I do I'll make sure to make a post about it, her stuff is amazing. 

Next we have the price I got from doing the Disney's Egg-stravaganza. I obviously picked the Cheshire cat because it's my favorite. This is being held from March 2–27, 2016 (or while supplies last). First you start out by purchasing a map from the park of your liking. Maps and stickers can be purchased for $5.95. In this game you will be searching for Disney themed eggs hidden around the park. After you finish finding the eggs you show your map to the cast member in the redemption table and receive your price. 
Now lastly we have this adorable BB-8 beverage holder. I got this at Tomorrowland and it came filled with Disneyland's delicious frozen lemonade. This was the last purchase I did before leaving the park and it came really handy drinking my lemonade on my way back home. 
After I finished writing this post I realized I forgot to show a baby Cheshire Cat plush toy my brother got me. I'm sure I'll show it later in a different post. Well that's all for now.


  1. Everything is so cute! I can't wait to go back and hopefully get my hands on those mugs!!


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