For some reason this month I have been wanting to buy so many things or maybe I've just run into many cute things. However, I can't always buy everything I want. Especially right now since I've just recently remodeled my apartment and I just came back from a vacation last month and I'm going on a mini vacation next week to Disneyland.  Anyways, here are my top 5 items on my wishlist right now that I am hoping to buy soon or maybe Ricky can get them for me :)
1. Anthology Pineapple Whip Candle
I found out about this Etsy shop earlier this month. However they recently got a lot of publicity so they had a ridiculous wait time for candles. I think it was about 2-4 month for shipping but I just checked and now they have a 4-8 weeks wait which isn't too bad but still sucks.
I just saw these online this week and I was like I need them. Ricky and I play a lot of card games and have bunch of card decks.
I received a sample of the three shades for this bronzer and it smells and feels so good, I need it.
This is just so cute. I saw the black version at Best Buy on Tuesday and I saw they also made it in this off white color and I was just so impressed with the sound quality and the look that I was like I need this.
This I will most likely order soon because I been looking for an item for my desk like this for a long time.  


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