Valentine's Day Mail

I've always enjoyed Valentine's Day, as a child I enjoyed going shopping for those boxes filled with character Valentine's Day cards. From what I can remember I would always purchase Disney cards. I loved organizing them by my favorite cards to my least favorite. I would always give my best friends the best cards out of the batch.
Now as I am older, I don't celebrate Valentine's Day as much I use to. I still enjoy sending cards to a few of my closest friends. I love going into Hallmark and shopping for Holiday cards. I love looking at the intricate designs and the color schemes on the cards. I feel like I could spend hours looking at cards. I mean it did take me about an hour to pick a few cards. Here is one of the cards I got for a very special friend of mine. I picked this card specifically for her because her favorite color is peach, you can't tell much from the picture but the color of the envelope is peach. Also, she has a tattoo of an arrow on her arm, so when I saw this card I knew it was a perfect match. 

I tend to pick cards that remind me of the person I am sending it to. Unlike this past Christmas where I just send bunch of Disney Christmas cards to my fellow sorority sisters from other chapters that I have never met. I am very much about presentation, packaging, and the overall look. As a final detail to the cards I sealed the back of the envelope with a wax seal monogram of the first letter of my last name (M).
I'll end this post with my ideal Valentine's Day date. I enjoy having a simple homemade candlelight dinner while watching a movie or a show, and just simply enjoying each others company. Also, having a dessert at the end is always sweet. 


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