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While visiting New York last month, Ricky and I visited Root & Bone. I was recommended to go there by a client of mine who said their food looked and tasted delicious. Prior to going, I saw online that all their tables where booked. Apparently it was the start of Restaurant Week in NYC, so many restaurants were either fully booked or had a very long wait time. We decided to give it a try and see if we would get seated so we travelled down to the East Village to see what Root & Bone was cooking up.
Once arriving, I could see their tables were in fact booked. However, their bar area and window seating was open for walk-in's. Luckily, Ricky and I arrived at the perfect time because we only had to wait an hour to get seated. After we arrived many large groups started to come and they all had to wait 3+ hours to get seated. Ouch! But I realized people didn't mind the wait, so that made me realize their food must be worth it.
As a starter Ricky ordered Grandma Daisy's Angel Biscuits which came with toasted benne seeds, sea salt, and herbs. He also ordered a beer, I guess it was past 12 somewhere. So I started with the Drunken Deviled Eggs, which are pickled in roots. Yum! We both tried each other starters, Ricky said the biscuits were better than the eggs, I kind of agree but the eggs were definitely delicious also. 
Next the main food arrived and I mean come on look at this picture! When I saw the food arrive it was like angels were singing. I was beyond impressed by the presentation. 
For the main dish Ricky ordered the Waffle Benedict, which came with a side salad and pork belly bacon.  I had the famous Fried Chicken & Buckwheat Waffles with melted cheddar. Oh my goodness! This was by far the best food I have ever had. I consider myself a foodie. I've had some amazing food before but this meal was above everything I have ever had. Ricky didn't even let me touch his food after I tried it once. My chicken was so tasty and they also had a bottle of their homemade honey Tabasco sauce which complimented the meal very well. It had a good balance between sweet & savory.
Finally for dessert, I can't remember what exactly the names were for these dishes. However, Ricky's was a sticky bun dessert with vanilla ice cream and mine was sherbet ice cream with marshmallows and pistachio crumbs on top of a custard. Overall not only did we have amazing food but also had an amazing experience eating there. Root & Bone is a little rustic restaurant own by two amazing and well know chef, Chef Jeff McInnis & Chef Janine Booth. Next time I visit New York, Root & Bone will definitely be a must again. 

That's all for now until next time.


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