Most People know me as Imelda, others know me as Pepper or Peppermint. I use to blog pretty frequent on Tumblr but recently I was encourage to start a blog in a different location for different viewer. So this brings me here, I'll start out by talking a little bit about myself. I was born and raised in the Bay Area, currently residing in the the Tech-y region of Silicon Valley. I am a senior in college, studying Photography. I will be receiving my Bachelor in Fine arts with the concentration in photography. Yay! I enjoy taking pictures, cooking, decorating, the arts, traveling, Disneyland and pretty much everything Disney. I tend to visit Disneyland frequently (almost every month). However, since the beginning of this lovely year I haven't been able to go but hopefully a trip in March happens. I'll end it here with a picture of my favorite Dapper Dans and I. Next time I'll share a little bit more about myself.


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