February Favorites

Happy Leap Day! Do you know what that means? We've come to the end of a very special month. Happy birthday to those born on Leap Day. I feel like I had a bunch of things I fell in love with this month but when it came to doing this blog I totally blanked out and I'm sure I missed some. Well here are a few of my favorite items for the month of February.
First is a medium size candle from Bath & Body Works. I've been particularly obsessed with their peach scents especially the Georgia Peach. It all started last year when I bought the body mist and next thing you know I'm buying the lotions, the 3-wick candles, the hand sanitizers, you get the point. I normally only buy the larger candles, but when I saw they came out with the medium size candle in this adorable dotted cup I had to get it. What I love the most is that you can reuse the cup as a drinking cup after you finish burning it. I loved these candles so much I ended up getting two of the Georgia Peach and two of the Vanilla Bean Marshmallow.

Next we have a Mary Kay age-fighting moisturizer. I was given this moisturizer as a gift for Christmas from my friend's mom. I'm not picky on moisturizers or buy specific moisturizers. However, I do feel my skin much better and healthier this month. I apply this after I use their cleanser at night and before I apply my make-up in the morning. I'm in love with my skin and will most likely continue this routine for the next month.

Next once again we have yet another Bath & Body Works product. This is their Pretty as a Peach Foaming Sugar Scrub. I bought this one mainly because Ricky really likes their sugar scrubs. He started using them last summer when he got a terrible sunburn on his back. He wanted something that would scrub/exfoliate his skin. At that time I was shopping at Bath & Body Works so I got him one from there. Now he happens to still enjoy using them and since I love their peach scents I wanted to try this one and it did not disappoint me.

Next up we have the Too Faced Soul Mates blushing bronzer in the shade Ross & Rachel. I bought this compact mainly because of the packaging. Most of Too Faced products are pink, gold, or a pastel colors, so seeing this in black was very exciting. At the end I was a very happy customer because I really like the bronzer and I been using it all the time.

Lastly, we have the Valentine's Day card Ricky gave me. His friend who is a designer created this Star Wars inspired Valentine's Day card. What I loved the most from the card was the very sweet message Ricky wrote inside and the little sketch he did of the cats from the Neko Atsume game.
Well those are my favorites for this month. Hope you enjoyed reading this and check out my favorites next month.


  1. I'm obsessed with the candle! I'm going to add it to my Spring essentials😍


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